Whether you are interested in growing as an individual or as a couple, relationship coaching can be extremely helpful. You can explore the dynamics of your inner relationship with yourself, your relationship with a partner, or with one or more of the other important people in your life. (Note: A Relationship Coach or Counselor is someone specializing in supporting you to succeed in all your life’s relationships.)

The energy of focus — your focus along with the focus of your coach on this specific goal of improving this relationship is very powerful. In the case of couples’ coaching, when two people are both in the same space, an actual room or a virtual room, are both engaged in making healthy changes, and are willing to give and receive feedback from each other, as well as receive from a caring and trained facilitator, wonderful things happen. I’ve seen it happen so many times in my over 45 years of working with couples and other relationships.

It’s not always easy to face challenging topics and to have the persistence to stay present with uncomfortable feelings. However, the rewards of deeper communication and more meaningful connection are well worth it.

Sometimes the work is inner, healing the parts of you that get in the way of attracting the quality relationships you want to have and/or improving the ones already in your life. Are you experiencing stress in relationships? The focus of loving, compassionate attention to your feelings, goals and the relationships in your life can indeed bring magical results.

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Cynthia Grace Luma

Cynthia Grace Luma

Cynthia Grace Luma is the founder of Center for Inner Peace. As a a holistic psychotherapist and a relationship coach, she’s been assisting clients for five decades to create the lives they want and to find more inner peace and joy. Unlock the secrets to meaningful connections with Cynthia’s new book, The Relationship You Want, How to be Seen, Heard and Understood in the Most Meaningful Relationships in Your Life.

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