Have you ever considered hiring a Relationship Coach and wondered what that would be like?
And then — have you ever wondered how you decide if someone is the right person for you to work with?

Whether you are interested in growing as an individual or as a couple, relationship coaching can be very helpful. You can explore the dynamics of your inner relationship with yourself or your relationship with one or more of the important people in your life, and sometimes specifically you can choose to focus on your relationship with a partner. (Note: A Relationship Coach or Counselor is someone specializing in supporting you to succeed in all your life’s relationships.)

Choosing a Relationship Coach — 5 Factors to Consider:

1. It’s important to get clear on your goals.
How do you want to benefit?
What do you want to learn?
How do you want to see yourself being your best in relationship? —
Let yourself think big! Big goals bring big results!

Ask yourself:
Do I want improved communication?
Do I want to find ways to make peace with the differences between me and others?
Do I want to find ways for my partner and I (or person in a relationship I want to focus on) to forgive each other for past hurts and betrayals?
Do I want to make a decision about whether or not to go forward with a deeper commitment to this relationship?
Do I want to build increased trust with this person?
Do I want more understanding and ease in my relationship?
Do I want more Inner Peace as a result of this exploration?
Or Any other goals you may have…

2. How much training and experience does this Relationship Coach have working with people in my situation?
Generally, a level of maturity or life experience paired with solid qualifications and work history is a good start.

Some questions to ask or explore:
What is their experience and training?
Have they ever worked with people like me who ______, and are experiencing _____?
What level of complexity have they worked with?

For example, I have over 45 years of experience working with individuals and couples as a holistic counselor and relationship coach. I have also worked in an emergency room as a crisis counselor for 17 years working with people who were in a crisis situation. I also worked with their families.

3. How do I feel when listening to this person speak in person, online or on the phone?
Does their tone of voice and manner give me a feeling of confidence in them and in their approach.
What’s my comfort level around being myself with this person?
Do I feel “met”?

Give yourself full permission to notice if this coach feels right for you. If you don’t feel a good connection with the coach, it will undoubtedly undermine your process, regardless of the tools and methodologies they use.

4. How aligned am I with this person’s values and way of thinking?
Do I sense that s/he has sensitivity for my issue/s, is trustworthy and shares many of my most important values regarding the area that I want coaching in?

5. Finally, does this coach present an energy and attitude of where I want to go?
Is this person capable of helping me meet my goals?
Is he or she capable of guiding me on the path of relationship growth that I’m choosing to move forward on?
Is this a path that he or she knows well?

It’s been my experience that when all the above factors are in place an aligned magic will happen for your growth.

Want to know more? Set up a Free Inner Peace Consult to explore how my Inner Peace coaching and programs can work for you.

Cynthia Grace Luma

Cynthia Grace Luma

Cynthia Grace Luma is the founder of Center for Inner Peace. As a a holistic psychotherapist and a relationship coach, she’s been assisting clients for five decades to create the lives they want and to find more inner peace and joy. Unlock the secrets to meaningful connections with Cynthia’s new book, The Relationship You Want, How to be Seen, Heard and Understood in the Most Meaningful Relationships in Your Life.

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