Center For Inner Peace

More than business name, Center for Inner Peace represents a philosophy and an extraordinary way of living. Clients looking for a deeper understanding of their situation and relief from struggle also learn how to respond to life’s challenges with greater presence and peace. Center For Inner Peace was established in 2001 by Cynthia Luma.

Couples Counseling in Augusta – Steps for a Better Tomorrow

Cynthia Grace Luma, Med, NBCCH, Holistic Counselor and Relationship Coach, has provided couples counseling for decades, helping couples make the profound changes they seek.

She can create a space of safety and wisdom through her experience, insight, inspired perspective, and couples counseling to help them grow into the kind of partnership they long for.

No matter what you are facing as a couple in Augusta, ME, couples counseling can help ascertain how opening a new energy in your relationship will assist you in meeting challenges.

The goals of her powerful change system and couples counseling include:

  • Bringing awareness of the strengths & challenges of their relationship
  • Working through hurts, past experiences, & conflicts
  • Developing more effective communication skills
  • Fostering an increased sense of well-being

Text or leave a message at 207-439-6600 to receive a call-back within 24 hours to learn if couples counseling with Cynthia is a good fit!

Couples Seek Relationship Counseling for a Variety of Reasons

Augusta couples can join Cynthia Luma for relationship counseling to learn how to discover a fuller, stronger, more loving version of themselves as a couple.

Couples seek relationship counseling for a variety of reasons:

  • Longing for something more in their relationship
  • Wanting to feel heard and held
  • Healing a hurt or betrayal
  • Bringing your vision of a spiritual life into your relationship

Cynthia has a relationship counseling program for Augusta couples to deepen their relationship through connection and transformation that may be the answer to your prayers.

Her training includes traditional psychology and spiritual and holistic concepts of healing and wellness, bringing additional tools to support your growth and a deeper dimension to relationship counseling.

Schedule an online complimentary consultation with Cynthia Luma to learn how relationship counseling can help achieve a fuller and more alive relationship experience!

Online Counseling for Couples in Augusta – Private, One-on-One Help

Couples in Augusta can learn how to bring more peace, understanding, and richness into their relationships through private online counseling for couples.

Online counseling is one of Cynthia Luma’s specialized programs for helping couples discover a deepened relationship and more harmonious life. Splendid things can happen when couples are willing to share their strengths, dreams, and challenges with a willingness to receive feedback from one another and a trained facilitator.

You know the Inner Peace Process and online counseling is for you if you:

  • Want to move into a deeper level of satisfaction
  • Want to find inner peace while living in a challenging time
  • Want to invest in your relationship & create a true partnership that allows for deepened sharing
  • Are committed to allowing mutually greater compassion
  • Want to illuminate your relationship & step into greater joy

Private online counseling can help couples meet those challenges and get the help they need now.

Schedule a complimentary online consultation to learn if online counseling at Center for Inner Peace is best for you!

Cynthia Grace Luma, MEd, NBCCH
Holistic Counselor, Relationship Coach

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